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If any of my followers enjoy multiplayer online gaming, one of my close friends runs a very awesome stream on Twitch a few times a week (links below). The best thing about it is that she has very cool giveaways after every milestone! (Every 50 followers at the moment) 😀 Once she hits 200, one lucky person will win the game Letter Quest for Steam. (Steam if free to download if you don’t have it).

And after the release of The Old Ways, she’s going to be kind enough to promote it in one of her videos 😀 The perks of mutual promos!



Twitch <<< this is the one to follow to be in with a chance of winning the games!


Soooo, who’s excited for The Old Ways released next month? 😀 I sure am! I keep making these abhorrent squeaky noises for which I have to apologise a lot. Received some edits back from my publisher the other day.

I know it’s childish, but I really love the little notes she puts in the margins that say “I love this bit!” or “She’s my favourite character :D”. There was one instance where I got so happy I covered my face with my hands and made a noise that’s basically the verbal equivalent of “asdaghdgfnjxhdfiuahsdfb”.

How one actually makes that noise, I don’t even know.


In the meantime, Luna has found her new favourite hiding place in the house. Meaning, it’s inside my bed. No, I don’t mean under the covers. I mean INSIDE my bed. There’s a little cubby hole where spare duvets go, and of course, this in Kitty World means “OOH NEW BED”. Took us twenty minutes to coax her out the other night. With food and treats and flattery.


In Nerd-Land, I still haven’t seen Ant-Man. Have seen Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, though. Still prefer the first one. I think it’s the lack of Loki… On the plus side, it’s only 726 days until Thor 3: Ragnarok!



And Once Upon A Time has announced the inclusion of Merida in the new season. Since she’s my favourite princess of the “NuDisney” movies, I really hope they don’t mess her up 😦 And there’s the whole “Merlin” plotline going on. If they mess him him, I’ll go absolutely spare. SPARE, I TELL YOU.

EDIT – “go spare” means “get really mad and/or go nuts”, for people who don’t speak crazy.


Also, it’s only two weeks until Tatome and I go to London! 😀 😀 😀 Two Slytherins on a trip to the South. As Northerners, we’re a little terrified of the sheer enormity. Well, I am. I keep hearing Londoners are really rude, is that true? I hope not 😦

Got my Slytherin t-shirt at the ready, though 😀

Wow this post ended up being so much longer than anticipated. I’m so sorry. Heh. No I’m not. Once I get going, that’s it. I’m away for ages. Reminds me of another Northerner with a penchant for rambling, actually…

That's Ross Noble, you heathens. PS check him out, he's hilarious :)

That’s Ross Noble, you heathens.
PS check him out, he’s hilarious 🙂


I’d best get back to editing. Blessed be, pixies!

RK )O(

Happy Valentine’s Day!

… oh, I’m a day late… rats.

Oh well, I had a nice day. Aside from the whole “being at work” thing.  Although one guy brought in Krispy Kreme donuts for all the girls, and I swear I’m never going to eat anything ever again aside from Strawberry Glaze. My sugar-loving faerie-self was screaming in delight.

And then there was the lovely evening spent with Loki Loki Loki Thor, and the Avengers. And Loki.


At present, my dad is shuffling around in the loft above my head with a million-candle torch. The intent was to find what was rattling around up there every night, (I suggested it was a trapped dragon), however, since entering the magical Narnia up there, we’re just getting distracted by my old things from childhood. There are many Teddy Ruxpin stories up there, and a few Disney ones, and even a short poem “Why God Loves Little Girls”.

Yeah. Uhm. *cough*

I’m just gonna go frolic with the Goddess, the Green Man, and Pan now.

Oh, and there’s my old gypsy costume, complete with tambourine… ahh, even as a child, I was a wildflower.

Oooh, my several hundred cuddly cats. I’ve obviously never changed.

AND HE’S JUST FOUND THE ACTUAL TEDDY RUXPIN!!! (Yes, you are getting a play-by-play of what we’re finding in the loft) AH I’M SO EXCITED! AND THERE ARE THE TAPES! *squee!!*

*ahem* sorry… dignity restored.

I suppose I should talk about what’s actually happening in RK-the-author world, instead of RK-the-squealing-reminiscing-big-kid world. Tomorrow, my best friend Tatome is going to help me out with my author photo, which I’ll add to this page, and then we’re going to be posh old ladies and have afternoon tea at Lumley Castle. Also, her fiancé is kind enough to help me make this blog a lot cooler-looking.


Blessed be, my little pixies

RK )O(