New Kitty!

We’re absolutely never going to replace Luna, but since she passed away, the house has felt empty and much too quiet.

So, after a few discussions and a home visit from an adoption rep, we’ve now adopted a gorgeous 1 year old kitty. Her name was originally Lady, but my mother has decided to rename her, of all things, Thissy.


Yes, Thissy. A green-eyed little madame with a raccoon-tail. She’s very shy and skittish, but the adoption folks said she would take a few days to settle herself in.

She’s so vocal. It might just be because of the whole “new house, new people” thing. She’s found herself a little space behind the sofa to sleep. She’s very affectionate, and was apparently raised by dressage horses – she keeps lifting her paws up high when she walks, and headbutts our hands for affection.

Her previous owner moved away and left her behind. Who does such a thing? What horrible person does something like that?

In naming her Thissy, however, it does mean I can now never kill off the character… -_-


Blessed be

RK )O(

Drive-By-Posting Pt 2

This is just going to be a really quick post. I know it’s really late in the day (I’m so terrible with deadlines 😦 ) I’ve actually spent most of the day packing my case and rushing to the shops to pick up the last-minute essentials for next weekend’s trip.

I’ve made a list. I’m good at lists.

I also realised, while I was in the bath, that although the cover release/reveal date is this Tuesday, it’s also the same day I get my hair done. So. I’ll be at work in the day time (boring day job, ugh 😦 ), and being styled on the evening. However, there’s a 20 minute window when I’ll post the cover with a head covered of tin foils.

For… the highlights, not for, like, aliens or something.

It’s so weird, I love anything to do with faeries or the supernatural (unless it’s a terrifying shadow-demon preventing me from breathing. Please see previous posts), I’m not that into aliens. I’m not particularly interested in “scary” movies about aliens (like Signs or the Alien franchise), although I do enjoy Doctor Who and Star Wars.

I’d still rather watch Merlin.

I’ve also just been shredded by Luna. She’s been outside so she’s all hyped up on catching that one tiny moth.

You see those fangs? Those fangs HURT.

“I vant to suck your blood! Nah, just kidding. Give me some chicken or something.”

You see those fangs? They really hurt… *nurses bloody arm*

Awww, I can’t stay mad at this cute little smooshy face! ^-^

Luna Cute

Who’s my vicious little dragon? You are! Yes, you are!


So Dolly Parton just came on my iTunes Shuffle, I’m gonna go sing Jolene into a hairbrush. Why? Because why not? 😀

Blessed be, my darling pixies!

RK )O(

What 2013 Taught Me

I had something of a philosophical moment when I was in the bath. My toes were playing with the chain attached to the plug and my mind wandered.

2013 taught me a lot of things. It was probably the biggest year of my life. A lot of things happened, a lot of things didn’t happen which almost did, and even more things didn’t even come close to happening.

In 2013, I learned that first impressions are not always correct, and the person you think you can’t stand, becomes a good friend and powerful ally.

I learned that, despite Disney’s incessant insisting, a woman can finally reach her dream without needing a man to help her along the way.

I learned that people are hard, and cruel, and unfair. But people are also good, and kind, and loving. One just needs to distinguish which ones are which.

I learned that being so close to dying doesn’t actually change the way you live your life. If anything, it just makes you appreciate the way you’ve lived up until now.

On a related note, I learned that when I don’t want to eat a cinnamon swirl, something is terribly wrong with me.

I learned that, to some people, money is more important that family, that those are the people I don’t need in my life.

I probably learned a lot more than this, but my brain is full of Spiral Dance and I haven’t had coffee in over nine hours… NINE hours. I don’t even know how I’m still functioning.

Most importantly, 2013 was the year in which my manuscript was accepted for publication, after almost seventeen years of waiting. That moment where I hold my novel in my hands for the first time, smell its paper, thumb through its pages, see the names of my characters printed and bound… it would be indescribable.

To make up for my lack of articulation, here are two adorable wolf cubs.


D’awwww, look at those cute widdle smooshy faces! *pouts*

… *cough*

Blessed be,

RK )O(