Thanks, Winchesters

I’m trying to post twice a week, once on a Saturday and once on a Wednesday. As you can see, the first week of doing so and I’m already a day late -_-

Having recently “updated” my laptop to Windows 8.1, I pretty much had to set up everything from scratch. Reinstall Skype. Reinstall Norton Antivirus. Reinstall the stupid Mail app tile thing that is meant to make my life easier but is actually harder to control than a hyperactive puppy with ADD. Only good thing is that I didn’t lose all of my files. (I had backed everything up JUST in case, but thankfully it wasn’t needed).


I became irrationally stressed about the whole thing šŸ˜¦

Onnnnn the plus side, we’re officially halfway through the final edits before the manuscript goes to the formatter. Obviously it has to go through the “final tweaks” stage. D’you think it’s too late to introduce a new character? (I’M KIDDING!!!)


In other news, I experienced sleep paralysis for the first time last night. I would very much like to never ever experience it again. All I remember is “waking up” to find a dark shape hovering over me (that for some reason I could only see out of the corner of my eye), being utterly unable to move my body, unable to draw breath, but trying to shout for my mother to come and “get rid of the demon!”.

Honestly, with my imagination, I’m really surprised I’ve never experienced sleep paralysis before. I’ve had extravagant dreams and terrifying nightmares, but nothing like that before. Everyone assures me it’s normal. Probably the only thing about me that’s “normal”. Thankfully, a rarely-heard rational voice in my brain told me I was experiencing sleep paralysis, so I closed my eyes and waited for my body to wake up naturally. It was possibly the most intense 10-15 seconds of my entire life.

“If I close my eyes, the demon will get me!”

… that’s it though, isn’t it? What if it wasn’t a dream? What if there reallyĀ was a demon in my room last night? What if I’m not really me right now? What if I’m possessed? How can I be sure?

Nah, I’m pretty sure demons aren’t stupid enough to trip over their own feet while walking up stairs and bite the insides of their mouths while eating a brioche for breakfast. Almost certain demons don’t have brioches for breakfast, anyway.

Quick check though; best to be safe…

Okay, so I just drew a circle of salt on the floor and I can quiteĀ easily pass over it. I’m not possessed. Awesome ^-^

ThankĀ you, Supernatural, for teaching me how to get rid of demons. And for bringing the adorableness of Castiel to my attention.

If you're pretty and you know it, nod your head!

If you’re pretty and you know it, nod your head!

Best get back to editing.Ā Blessed be, my darling pixies!

RK )O(

British Weather

It’s too hot. It’s too cold. It’s raining. It’s sunny. Hailstones. Thunder. Hellfire. I really wish British weather would make its mind up šŸ˜¦

It’s reached that part of the year where I start out the day wearing two layers of nice warm clothing and my smexy black beret, then by midday the sun comes out in blazing glory and I sweat until I’m a puddle of ew.

Look at that disgustingly happy son of a bitch -_-

Look at that disgustingly happy son of a bitch -_-

Being a Northern gal, I don’t cope with the hot weather very well. Hence the reason why I’mĀ not going abroad with my parents this year. My first ever time I’m not going away since I was about 10. Although I love going on holiday with my parents (contrary to popular belief, I do actually like them), I just can’t deal with how hot Spain and the Dominican and the Canary Islands are.

My most favourite holidays in the past few years have been when I’ve stayed in the UK. Definitely Scotland and Cornwall. Although, Cornwall, there’s a story…

Okay, so I’d always wanted to go to Tintagel, the mythical birthplace of King Arthur. We drove all eight hours down to Cornwall, to live in this beautiful cottage for a week. Admittedly, the cottageĀ was tiny and full of abnormally large spiders. We (read: my stepdad) went through the entire house for the first hour to rid the place of the too-many-legs.

So, the first few days went fantastic, we travelled around Cornwall, finding ancient places and mystical secrets. Then the third day in, we received the news that my Grandfather had passed away in his sleep. As it’s quite distressing, I’m not going to go into it too deeply, but I just wanted to mention it because I’ve dedicatedĀ The Old Ways to him.

Sorry, had to take a moment, there.

Okay, soĀ The Old Ways.

*takes deep breath*




Mark this date on your calendars, my lovely pixies! 25th September for ebooks, and 29th September for paperback!

I will be throwing a party for the release. My mother has already appointed herself my Marketing Manager. It seems to be her life goal to make sure every single person on earth readsĀ The Old Ways. I’m in two minds about this decision…

She’s already made a start on some leaflets that I can fashion into paper-planes and throw at people in the street. I can see the headlines now… “Local Author Violently Throws Paper at Passers-By”.

Also, it’s only … *counts* … 16 days until I go to London with Tatty! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ We’ve tentatively named our trip “Tatty and Katie Take London: Slytherins on Tour”

This is gonna be the most awesome trip ever šŸ™‚

Blessed Be

RK )O(

Shameless Promo


If any of my followers enjoy multiplayer online gaming, one of my close friends runs a very awesome stream on Twitch a few times a week (links below). The best thing about it is that she has very cool giveaways after every milestone! (Every 50 followers at the moment) šŸ˜€ Once she hits 200, one lucky personĀ will win the gameĀ Letter QuestĀ for Steam. (Steam if free to download ifĀ you don’t have it).

And after the release ofĀ The Old Ways, she’s going to be kind enough to promote it in one of her videos šŸ˜€ The perks of mutual promos!



TwitchĀ <<< this is the one to follow to be in with a chance of winning the games!


Soooo, who’s excited forĀ The Old Ways released next month? šŸ˜€ I sure am! I keep making these abhorrent squeaky noises for which I have to apologiseĀ a lot. Received some edits back from my publisher the other day.

I know it’s childish, but I really love the little notes she puts in the margins that say “I love this bit!” or “She’s my favourite character :D”. There was one instance where I got so happy I covered my face with my hands and made a noise that’s basically the verbal equivalent of “asdaghdgfnjxhdfiuahsdfb”.

How one actually makes that noise, I don’t even know.


In the meantime, Luna has found her new favourite hiding place in the house. Meaning, it’s inside my bed. No, I don’t mean under the covers. I mean INSIDE my bed. There’s a little cubby hole where spare duvets go, and of course, this in Kitty World means “OOH NEW BED”. Took us twenty minutes to coax her out the other night. With food and treats and flattery.


In Nerd-Land, I still haven’t seen Ant-Man. Have seen Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, though. Still prefer the first one. I think it’s the lack of Loki… On the plus side, it’s only 726 days until Thor 3: Ragnarok!



And Once Upon A Time has announced the inclusion of Merida in the new season. Since she’s my favourite princess of the “NuDisney” movies, I really hope they don’t mess her up šŸ˜¦ And there’s the whole “Merlin” plotline going on. If they mess him him, I’ll go absolutely spare. SPARE, I TELL YOU.

EDIT – “go spare”Ā means “get really mad and/or go nuts”, for people who don’t speak crazy.


Also, it’s only two weeks until Tatome and I go to London! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ Two Slytherins on a trip to the South. As Northerners, we’re a little terrified of the sheer enormity. Well, I am. I keep hearing Londoners are really rude, is that true? I hope not šŸ˜¦

Got my Slytherin t-shirt at the ready, though šŸ˜€

Wow this post ended up being so much longer than anticipated. I’m so sorry. Heh. No I’m not. Once I get going, that’s it. I’m away for ages. Reminds me of another Northerner with a penchant for rambling, actually…

That's Ross Noble, you heathens. PS check him out, he's hilarious :)

That’s Ross Noble, you heathens.
PS check him out, he’s hilarious šŸ™‚


I’d best get back to editing. Blessed be, pixies!

RK )O(

Super Quick Blog Post

This is what I like to call a drive by blog posting.

I’m justĀ popping in to say I’m still here. Just been a shade busy the past few weeks. I’m currently working on The Age of Magic, rewriting some characters, pushing back the appearance of one or two people.

I’ll be honest, I started working on this about a year and a half ago, but I had to dedicate more focus to The Old Ways as the release date grew closer. Now I’m getting a nice balance.

Previous drafts of AoM had a certain character being very wimpy and sickly, and I never really liked that. I felt like, with a family like his, he should have more of an attitude. I’m rewriting him to be more of a trouble-maker. Picking locks to get to places where he shouldn’t.

A few characters from ToW return, older and (hopefully) wiser.

Okay, so one of them (I won’t say who) has just pulled me aside to say none of them are any wiser. *sigh* -_-


In other news, keep your eyes peeled for a sneak peek at the cover of The Old Ways coming up soon!

Back to writing, my darling pixies!


Blessed be

RK )O(

On the Road to Publication

Goooooooooood afternoon my lovely little pixies!

Currently trapped in my bedroom as there’s an obscene amount of pollen flying about in the air today. So I’m stuck indoors, behind closed doors, locked windows, sat beside a steadily-heating-up air purifier from 1999. So far I’m thriving on six cups of coffee and one sausage roll. I’m Northern, I can do this.

Few things to update on:

Just sent the blurb, acknowledgements, and dedication off to Inspired Quill. I was gracious enough to thank the people that matter, and curse the people who were mean. And the blurb… Oh, the blurb. YOU EVIL LITTLE THING. I’ve spent almost every waking minute thinking about it. I’ve shown it to a few friends to get some feedback. After wrestling with it for two weeks, I think it’s good enough to get a good proper editing now.

Speaking of Inspired Quill, guess who’s got a smexy shiny new website?

Ohhhh yeah.

Ohhhh yeah.

Go on, click the image. It’ll take you flying through space and time to the beautiful new site šŸ˜€ Click it, go on. Go on. I spent longer than I should’ve done trying to figure out how to link it up, go on.

In other news, in August I’m heading down to London. What’s that? To a convention, you ask? No, silly. I’m going to the Warner Bros. Studios with my best friend, for the Harry Potter tour. Just bought myself a Slytherin t-shirt for the day, too. Yes, I’m a Slytherin. No, I’m not a Death Eater. WE ARE NOT ALL EVIL.

Look at that cutesy-wutesy face ^-^

Look at that cutesy-wutesy face ^-^

So, between now and August, when I’m getting the edits back from IQ to do the final once over before it goes to the proofreader, I’ll be working on… (drum roll, please)…




Since The Old Ways ends so ambiguously (you’ll see), I thought it only fitting that certainĀ characters get some closure. However, closure is definitely not what they’re going to get. They’re going to get severely tortured. I won’t lie, it’s gonna hurt, guys. Check out the tagline:


Fragile alliances will be forged in flames.
Ancient evilsĀ will be resurrected to seek vengeance.
Powerful foes will rise to sow discord.
The Age of Magic has come.


Catchy, huh? šŸ™‚ Oh, that’s also the current working title, TheĀ Age of Magic. Old favourites come back to play, new faces make an appearance, Albion gets shaken to the core. To be crude, shit hits the fan.


Best get writing!

Blessed be, my darling pixies.

RK )O(

RK’s Feelings Towards Game of Thrones, S5E10: Mother’s Mercy, aka, WHAT THE F*CK JUST HAPPENED?

Proceed at your own risk.

Proceed at your own risk.





How to make everyone scream in rage within 30 seconds of screen time: kill the most universally beloved character in the entire show.

I don’t exactly know the order in which I’m coping with this tragedy, but I’m hovering somewhere in the “denial” stage. Melisandre just arrived at Castle Black. She’ll fix him. She’s already shown she’s got a thing for that adorable puppy-eyed, black-haired Crow. I danced with the “anger” stage for a while. In this case it means I had a minor flail and threw myself over the arm of the chair. I only encountered “sadness” during the scene itself, where I released a pitiful and distinctly uncool whine. Much like a dog when it loses it’s favourite tennis ball.

Haven’t quite reached “bargaining” yet. And I don’t think there’ll ever be an “acceptance”.

Not cool, GRRM. Not cool AT ALL.

*heavy breathing*

After careful consideration and about twenty-five seconds of thinking, I have come to the conclusion that, yes, I will continue to watch the show. And I also realised that I pretty muchĀ did the exact same thing to several of my own characters, so I honestly can’t complain.

Dear future readers of The Old Ways,

I’m so sorry.

Sincerely, RK.


Blessed be. Raise your pitchforks for in the morning when we storm the HBO studios.

RK )O(

And now his Watch has ended.

And now his Watch has ended.

Humans Are Weird

I recently learned that someone I know doesn’t like bread. I mean, what? Who doesn’t like bread? It’s like the blandest of foods. How can you not like bread? It’s so versatile. Don’t you eat toast? What about sandwiches? What about bagels? Is it just white bread? Is it the texture or the taste you don’t like? This has really messed me up.

In other news,Ā I’VE SEEN THE INITIAL DRAWING OF THE FRONT COVER FOR THE OLD WAYSĀ AND IT LOOKS AWESOME šŸ˜€ I was almost in tears when I first saw it. Which wasn’t good, since I was at work and everyone thought some nasty person had upset me. I’m too emotional for my own good.

Heeeeyyy who’s been watching Game of Thrones? (I HAVEN’T SEEN THE LAST EPISODE OF SEASON 5 NO SPOILERS EVERYONE SHUSH.) I just wanted to bring it up because of this:



It’s been my dream since I was a wee child to ride a dragon. So when I saw this scene, I was so hyped. I mean, my face was actually the shape of the :O emoji. BUT, my only problem is– well… look at that gif again. Really look at it. It’s really bugging me. It bugged me when I first watched it, and it’s bugging me watching it again here.


Okay, I know it’s moving a little bit, I’m not completely mental. But for those of you with uber long hair (like myself), you’ll know how less-than-awesome you feel when you get lashed in the face by your own locks. Sometimes, if it’s really windy, and I’m talking to someone, I will actually inhale my own hair. I pull the most gruesome of faces and start hacking up hairballs like a giant cat.

But Daenerys? Oh no. She gets this lovely doe-eyed look and a gentle breeze tickling her face, while she’s currently RIDING AN ENORMOUS BLACK FIRE-BREATHING DRAGON. I mean, come on! Try toĀ look a little less JulietĀ and a little more Xena.

Also, it kinda looks like she’s wearing jeans under that delicate silk frock. Just sayin’.

I miss Viserys šŸ˜¦ sure, he was a psychotic megalomaniac Disk One Final Boss, but he was still a cool villain. And it was Harry Lloyd.

I'm starting to suspect I have a thing for sharp cheekbones.

I’m starting to suspect I have a thing for sharp cheekbones…

There was something else I wanted to talk about as well, but for the life of me I can’t quite remember what it was… oh, I guess it wasn’t that important. I’m sure I’ll remember at ten to midnight tonight when I’m just about to fall asleep. Oh well.

Blessed be, my darling pixies,

RK )O(

My First Ever Comic-Con

Pardon me while I get this out of my system first.


He's such a nice guy :)

He’s such a nice guy šŸ™‚

Aaaaaand it’s out of my system.

So yeah, my first ever Comic-Con and this happened. It was… an interesting experience. I’ll probably have my own table next year, flogging my book to passersby, shouting at them to come back and offering cookies if they buy The Old Ways.

Probably still fangirling if there are any other famous people there too.

But given that my first sight upon entering the teeny tiny room over-packed with people was an overweight Spock, I had a surprisingly good time. Bought a keyring. And a Loki vinyl Pop! doll. He has a bobble-head. You know the ones I mean. With the black eyes? I tried to find a Castiel one, but no such luck.

Batman was there. Not the real one, obviously. A guy dressed as Batman. But his costume was amazing. He had a full on Dark Knight suit of armour. And a lantern jaw. Pretty impressive. Didn’t get close enough to hear if he could do the voice though.

And I’m proud to say I didn’t fangirl out loud at all, except for one brief moment in which I think I may have terrified my companion. Conversation went thus:

Him: “Do you want to head over?”
Him: “You okay?”
Me: *heavy breathing* “Yeah. Let’s. Let’s just go over here for a minute.”

In other news, Celtic Woman are coming to my neck of the woods. Totally bought tickets. 10 year anniversary gig? I amĀ so there.

In other, other news, I have a new editor, Fiona, who is working onĀ The Old WaysĀ for now. I’ve also been in talks about the front cover. I can’t wait to show you guys. Y’know. All three of you who read my ramblings. You know who you are, you precious diamonds that I hold dear to my hearts. No, heart. I only have one, right? Yeah. Just one.

A bit nervous about the coming months. Big changes happening in my life. No, I’m not pregnant. But, in a way, my baby is being released into the world. Ew that sounds gross. I mean my novel. My novel is my baby. And it’s being released.
Okay, this metaphor is confused.

I’ll stop rambling now. I’ve just realised I’ve made it this far into the day without a single drop of coffee. This must be rectified at once.Ā Author, out!

Blessed be, my lovely little pixies.

RK )O(

RK’s REVISED Highly Biased Review of Dragon Age: Inquisition

SPOILERS ABOUND. BE WARNED. Though the word “review” does kind give that away. And it’s not really a review. More of a… ramble. Anyway. Here be words:


I’ve heard a lot of people complain about this game because of it’s literal massive-ness. Admittedly, the Hinterlands is a huge starting base (leading to this “Leave the Hinterlands” meme I’ve seen floating around). And, yes,Ā the Hinterlands is a pretty enormous arena to start new players off with, but it’s only oneĀ arena of the game.

People haven’t complained about the size of Skyrim, and that entire landscapeĀ is open-world. Yes, it has its dungeons and its caves and its cities, but the wholeĀ countryside is open.

“Hey, see that mountain over there? The one at the other side of the Markarth? Yeah, I’m gonna climb that thing. Might take me a while since I’m in Whiterun, but whatever. Come, Shadowmere! Let us adventure! :D”

Sticking with the comparison of Skyrim and Dragon Age, which I’ve seen a lot of:

Skyrim is an a country within the land of Tamriel.
The Hinterlands is a regionĀ within the country of Ferelden within the land of Thedas.

(By the way, I am notĀ bashing Skyrim. I love the Elder Scrolls)

Besides, you need so much “power” to get to the next level. (I think it’s 8, if I remember correctly), so one only needs to do so many quests to get out of the Hinterlands. I know, Bioware gamers by nature are completionists. But the Hinterlands aren’t locked once you leave. You can always return šŸ™‚


Bioware has never created dull characters, and there’s no changes here. DA:I gives us a veritable rainbow of colourful characters. Aside from your nine companions, you also have your three advisors. Not to mention allies, agents and NPCs. (Oh, Scout Harding ā¤ you adorable little squishy scout)

And yes, I’m a massive Cullen fangirl. I’m completely in love with his character development. We watched him go from an infatuated, adorkable Templar intiate, to a mage-hating bundle of angsty, then grow into a stern-but-fair Knight Captain who somehow was still adorably bashful, and finally into a strong, capable, commander who’s haunted by his past failures and Lyrium addiction (which you can help him overcome). I mean, look at this adorable face ^-^


I find it nicely compares to Varric’s development. While still the Snark Knight, you can definitely tell Varric is blaming himself for everything that’s gone wrong in Thedas. And, to be honest, I can kinda see why. While he’s one of my favourite characters, if it hadn’t been for him mounting his expedition to the Deep Roads, finding the Red Lyrium idol, introducing Anders to Hawke, and leading Hawke to her (I always play as female) confrontation with Corypheus, then I suppose none of the events of Inquisition would’ve happened.

No Red Lyrium. No Elder One. No Warden Corruption. No Chantry-go-boom.

Oh, Varric. My heart broke to see you so despondent </3 šŸ˜¦

I’m not going to go too deep into it, but Sera irritates the ever-loving crap out of me. I think it’s because she has absolutely no respect for a Dalish Inquisitor. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if Sera is romanced by a female Dalish Inquisitor, and then finds out about the Temple of Mythal, Sera actuallyĀ laughs at herĀ that the Dalish got their history wrong.

That’s cruel, Sera šŸ˜¦

I went out of my way to make Solas my Inquisitor’s BFF. Not sure why, but I love him. I love how he’s so serious, but he can snark with the best of them. He and Iron Bull have theĀ bestĀ banter. They play chess. In their heads. That’s damn cool.


I’ve completed two playthroughs so far, (midway through my third) and each time I’ve played as a female Dalish mage. The first time, this was because I always play Dragon Age as a mage and, wherever possible, an elf. IE, Elf-mage Warden and mage Hawke.

I was pleasantly surprised, therefore, to find that this character origin actually makes the most sense in a playthrough. The amount of elvish magic that appears in this game is astounding. The Well of Sorrows? Elven. The Foci? Elven. Numerous temples, veilfire runes, quests, all Elven. And Solas. Elgar’nan, Solas. You… you sneaky little Elf-mage, you.

My first two playthroughs, I’ve recruited the mages instead of the templars. I’ve allowed the Grey Wardens to remain in Ferelden and work with the Inquisition. I made Stroud stay in the Fade instead of Hawke. And finally, I’ve allowed Morrigan to drink from the Well of Sorrows instead of making Ellana Lavellan (my Inquisitor) do so.

In my third attempt, however, I decided to try recruiting the Templars instead. It felt wrong. So very, very, wrong. I’ve nothing against Templars (I always romance Cullen), but I feel like a traitor if I approach Templars to make an alliance when playing as a mage. So, instead, I went through the Templar recruitment mission and saved the game, then went back, completed the mage recruitment mission and continued on the game from there. So now I have two save files for one game.

I must say, the Templar recruitment mission was more enjoyable. It felt like a journey into Lavellan’s psyche. And Cole appears first! Cutie-pie Cole. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about him, but I don’t see how, he’s so adorable and friendly and helpful and oooohhh he’s like a little lost puppy that I want to cuddle!

Sorry. I’ll stop fangirling.

So… this playthrough I think I’ll allow Lavellan to drink from the Well, and I may conscript the Wardens as prisoners.

And never, ever, ever, ever, ever in a million years will I sacrifice Hawke to the Fear demon in the Fade. Sorry, Stroud. But I don’t know you that well, and Hawke has Fenris to look after. Plus, I saw a Youtube video where Hawke died in the Fade, and Varric basically had a breakdown in front of the Inquisitor, crying at the thought of losing his best friend in the world. Mythal, that’s just… no. No. Never. No.


So. All in all, I’m in love with this game. I’ve rambled on enough. I could probably go on, but my eyes are aching.

Blessed by, my darling wee pixies

RK )O(