British author, poet, and Cloudcuckoolander. If found, please return to the faeries. Click the links below to find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Born in 1990, England native RK Summers is a great lover and hoarder of books. Her love of the literary world began at the tender age of five, when, as a ridiculously serious child, she wrote her first ‘story’ about a dancing tree, complete with a bittersweet ending as a lament for the loss of fairy tale magic.

She also suffers from a mild coffee addiction. Donations of coffee beans are welcome and greatly appreciated. In her free time, she enjoys wandering in woodland, picnicking, and the music of Loreena McKennitt. Her vices include video games and love for Disney movies. She also occasionally argues with inanimate objects, and proceeds to blame the faeries for mischief.

RK currently lives in the North East of England. Her debut novel, The Old Ways, was released September 2015.

ToW 3D Cover





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“Sorry, were you talking to me? I was thinking about dragons.”
RK Summers

One thought on “About

  1. eddy says:

    The lady who brightens my day. Good luck with the Book, cannot wait to read it x


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