Happy Anniversary!

I’ve been on this website for one whole year today. Yay! Have cake!

That's a CAKE?!

Wait, that’s CAKE?!

No, I didn’t make that. The most I can cook is toast. Sort of. It’s not really toast. It’s just slightly crispy bread.


In other news, I’ve finally gotten my laptop back! It was in the hospital for eleven days because the keyboard died, so I couldn’t type anything. I couldn’t write or edit for almost two weeks. My brain almost melted. I apologise formally to my best friend for almost killing her with my car. I also apologise to my work colleagues who had to deal with my mounting insanity while my brain plunged into a bubbling quagmire of CRAZY.


But all is well. Laptop is home. I managed to avoid complete insanity by purchasing four Disney movies, building a blanket fort, eating my way through a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream, and having conversations with the wall.

Why don’t you all forget I said that last part.


Now it’s time to make up for the eleven days of not-editing. Must trim my nails first. I can brely tysp;ly with thes calws.


Blessed be

RK )O(