Short & Sweet

I have a cold today, so I’ll spend it lying in bed and feeling sorry for myself. I’ve been sitting at my laptop for approximately an hour, and I’ve accomplished 15 words. PERSONAL BEST! -_-

So, this is a prelude to a bigger blog post in a few days time, when I get myself back to normal. I’m part of a cool gang on Facebook called the Bandit Book Bloggers. Look at our photo. We’re so sexy. Dig it.

Bandit Book Bloggers

So, in a few days time, I’ll be doing a promotion for The Binding, a fantastic fantasy novel by Sam Dogra. Keep your eyes peeled, there’ll be links and excerpts and pretty things! 🙂

I’m going to go steam my head to try and clear it. Also, since I’m such a hippy, if you’re ever in my situation, try these herbs to get rid of your cold:

Astragalus: helps get rid of the virus and boost the immune system (in which I am lacking)
Golden Seal: to get rid of all that icky mucus
Thyme: clears infection and speed up recovery
Elderberry: a lovely antioxidant
St. John’s Wort: good for colds, flu and herpes, of all things
Lemon balm: this is good for stopping the cold or flu from spreading any further through your body. And it smells nice.

Or you could be sensible and use Beechams or Day Nurse. Each to their own, I guess.

Blessed be, my little pixies

RK )O(

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