Winter is coming… no, wait, it’s already here. Never mind.

But it does mean I probably won’t be seen for a while.

Before you start celebrating, I’ll still be around. I’ll just either be at the cinema or glued to the TV. Y’see, EVERYTHING good comes out this winter.  So, I’ll either be fangirling wildly or hibernating from the cold, despite my enormous floor-length fur-collared purple coat and matching beret and gloves. Because winter is purple season. And purple is my colour. I love purple. Purple, yay ^-^

So, this winter, we’ve got Thor: The Dark World, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, and some other things which I’ve forgotten. I’m pretty sure I heard someone say Sherlock series 3 was starting soon too.

My not-so-inner geek is squee-ing at the potential awesome that Winter 2013 will bring.


In other news, I finished off the final first draft, the cover design specifications and the first draft of the blurb, which I sent zooming to my publisher the other day. The blurb eventually had me tearing my hair out by the handfuls, so I decided that I’ve chewed and chewed at it enough, it’s time for someone else to point out the crappy bits bits that need to be worked on.

I’m quite proud of the things I’ve added to the final first draft, mostly the fantastic-racist insults I’ve slipped in (mostly leaf-ear and mothblood), and the amount of Irish I’m trying to slip past the radar. Oh, don’t worry, there aren’t any naughty swearwords.

I’m saving those for the sequel.


RK )O(

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