Giving WordPress a go

I’m moving here from Blogspot at the recommendation of my publisher, and I have to say I’m already as confused as a bumblebee in January.

I’m not much of a blogger, I get distracted by the shiny things on my desk, and usually end up entangled in the tassel on my desk key.

Well, let me introduce myself. I’m an upcoming author from Oop North (that’s up north for you southern folk). Facebook and Twitter announces me as a “British author, poet, and Cloudcuckoolander.” I’d say it’s an apt description. If you see me wandering around outside, kindly inform the nearest faery ambassador to take me home.

Having recently signed a contract with Inspired Quill, we’re expecting my debut novel, The Old Ways, to be released mid-September 2014, since I’ll be in a treehouse for the first week of September. At the moment, the excitement is overwhelming the terror, so the feelings of “oh gods how will it ever be done in time?” haven’t quite kicked in yet.

I’m looking forward to the moment when the coffee wears off and I’m sitting at the desk at the day job and suddenly the whole world around me evaporates and my brain clicks and whispers, “You realise you’re an author, don’t you?”

That shall be a fun day.

RK )O(

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